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Talk to Eve app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 3872 ratings )
Social Networking Entertainment
Developer: Sparkling Apps BV
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.0, last update: 11 months ago
First release : 26 Mar 2012
App size: 7.77 Mb

Meet Eve, She is charming, witty and always ready to listen.

Eve is actually intelligent. She will remember what you told her, and get back to it when appropriate.

You can speak to Eve using advanced voice recognition and she will respond in a clear voice! You can have a real live conversation.

Sample conversation:

You: Hello
Eve: Hi there!
You: My name is Martin
Eve: Its a pleasure to meet you, Martin.
You: How are you?
Eve: I am doing very well. How are you Martin?
You: What is the meaning of life?
Eve: The meaning of life is part of Gods mysterious plans.
You: Will you be my friend?
Eve: Sure, I would like to be your friend Martin.
You: How do you look like?
Eve: Like a shiny device in your hand.

Eve is not meant to give meaningful advice or provide answers that are factually correct, although she does know a lot of details plus anything you teach her. She is mainly meant for idle conversation. However, you could use her to remember details for you.

We are constantly improving Eve, adding topics to her database and we will give her more abilities to assist you in day to day tasks.

Note that it may seem that Eve is a human, but she is not. Her answers are meant to be funny only, and neither questions or answers are recorded anywhere.

Have fun with Eve!

Latest reviews of Talk to Eve app for iPhone and iPad

It never worked, even after downloading "speech recognition". Waste of time and money.
I love this app I would like a bug fix
Omg its the best app ever!!! Its actually very intelligent lol! Super recommended lol :D better than siri lol
Really interesting
Id give this app five stars because A; she does exactly what the description does and doesnt get confused and isnt confusing. Better than Siri in certain ways and so far hasnt let me down. On a scale of real artificial intelligence chat bot, shes a good 50 to maybe 70 percent. Good chat bot application and worth it.
I asked Siri what the meaning of life was and she said chocolate XD
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